VACSWIM Locations

Seacliff Beach

Online enrolments for this location will open at 9am, Wednesday 18th September 2019 and close at 5.00pm on Monday 16th December 2019. For further information, please call the Surf Life Saving SA VACSWIM team on (08) 8354 6996 or email

Program Dates

Thursday 2 to Friday 10 January 2020 (excluding weekend)

Program Operator


Seacliff Patrol Tower (In Front of Seacliff Hotel) - Corner The Esplanade & Wheatland Street, Seacliff

Onsite Enrolment Date

10am to 11am, Monday 30 December 2019

Onsite Enrolment Location

Bottom of Seacliff SLSC

Programs Offered

All VACSWIM SA locations use a program that meets the National Water Safety Education Competency Framework.

Surf & Survive (Stages 1 - 10)

The 7 day program for Stages 1 - 9 will consist of 7 x 45 minute lessons.
The 7 day program for Stages 10 will consist of 7 x 90 minute lessons.

For further information, please contact Surf Life Saving SA on (08) 8354 6996 or or go to the VACSWIM Program Page.

Program Fees


5 - 13 year olds, Stages 1-9. $30.00 Enrolment Fee, $18.50 Location Fee, $1.50 Equipment Fee (plus $5 surcharge for onsite enrolments)  


5 - 13 year olds, Stage 10. Enrolment Fee (plus $5 surcharge for onsite enrolments) 


14 - 15 year olds, Stage 9 or 10. Enrolment Fee (plus $5 surcharge for onsite enrolments)  

Other Information

Participants who complete Stage 10 and are 13 years of age can choose to obtain the Community Surf Rescue Certificate (CSRC) by completing an external assessment.

If you wish to obtain the CSRC, please contact Surf Life Saving SA directly for information on dates, costs, and additional information.

A large family (4 or more siblings, aged 5 -13 years) is entitled to a discount.

4 Sibling family: $20 discount

5 Sibling family: $50 discount

6 Sibling family: $80 discount

Breakdown of fees for large families:

  • For large families (4 or more siblings), the enrolment fee is capped at $100.
  • The equipment & location fee per child (additional to the $100 enrolment fee) is still payable.

Parents or guardians must produce their Medicare card as proof of family.