How to Book Your Child into VACSWIM

19 October 2020

To book your child into VACSWIM simply:

1. Decide on either a beach or pool location (children can switch between locations each year)

2. Choose the level that is appropriate for your child based on the charts HERE as a guide (children are assessed on the first day by instructors to see if they need to be moved up or down a level)

3. Visit and type your location into the map on the home page. This will zoom in and show the available VACSWIM programs nearest to you. If you only wish to see beach locations or only pool locations, check the 'filter by location' buttons on the top left.how_to_book_2.png
To view more details about a certain location (dates, cost, etc.) click on the red location pin and it's 'View More' button.


5. When you are ready, press the green 'Click to book online' button to be taken to the booking portal of the program provider for that location (e.g. Royal Life Saving, Surf Life Saving, YMCA, etc.) and complete your booking.