The Signs That Your Child Needs VACSWIM Lessons

22 November 2019

Regardless of whether your child has previously been to swimming lessons, VACSWIM is a program that undoubtedly all South Australian parents should consider. An opportunity to develop a range of water-based skills, this iconic state-wide program teaches primary school-aged kids water safety, confidence and competence in the water, as well as personal survival activities and aquatic emergency procedures.

Without further ado, here are the signs that your child needs Vacswim lessons:

1. Your child isn't confident around bodies of water

In South Australia, we are surrounded by beaches, pools, rivers, lakes and dams. Therefore, it's important for all South Australian children to feel confident and happy in and around the water and have a basic understanding of this environment. It's imperative that kids are not fearful of swimming or being around bodies of water as water confidence ensures kids know how to remain safe should they fall in, or if issues arise while they are submerged. If your child is confident around water this also allows you, as a parent, to have peace of mind on your next resort holiday, or your next trip to the beach or the local swimming pool.

Is your child confident around water? If the answer is no, Vacswim is a great starting point.

2.     They have limited knowledge of out-of-water safety techniques

If your children are not aware of the water safety rules and techniques that will keep them safe, this could have catastrophic consequences.

Does your child know not to run around the pool? Are they aware that they need to be supervised at all times by a guardian? Are they aware of any 'dry rescue' techniques? If you answered no to any of these, we would recommend undertaking a VACSWIM program in the upcoming season!

3.     They have minimal water emergency knowledge

Emergencies may arise when your child is swimming in bodies of water, especially if they are at the river or in sea water. For example, if your child does not know what to do in the instance of rips, currents, submerged objects or slippery banks and uneven surfaces, it is imperative that they learn so that they can keep themselves safe and potentially help those around them remain safe.

4.     They are not familiar with the swimming in different bodies of water

Our programs are held in community pools and popular beaches all over South Australia. It's important to be confident and to be familiar with the eminent dangers with swimming in all water environments. Majority of South Australian kids are familiar with swimming in backyard pools, which is a great start-but swimming in the oceans, rivers and dams pose a different story altogether.

Depending on where you are swimming, waves and currents can make it harder to swim. There are also differences between sea water and river water. Sea water contains dissolved salts, which increases the density of water-so, it's easier to swim in the ocean vs the river. There are so many factors that affect our ability to swim! Therefore, it's recommended that child undertakes a range of our programs year after year to ensure they are well prepared going forward.

5.     They don't know how to swim

Although we are much more than a swimming lesson program, Vacswim is a great start for your child to learn how to swim. We teach all kids that enrol in our program basic swimming strokes that allow them to build confidence and competence in aquatic environments, and to ultimately enjoy swimming. We want participants to enjoy the recreational aspect of water related activities!

Vacswim is South Australia's longest running summer school holiday program, however if this is news to you, simply start with our program provider information page to learn about each of the providers and their tailored 'swim and survive' programs available.