Why You Should Become A VACSWIM Instructor

14 December 2018

Giving back to the community through teaching in any setting is rewarding. VACSWIM instructors can expect to see smiling faces on young South Australian children, as well as witness their progress and accomplishments every year on their return. While it's always heart-warming to see the benefit their efforts have on Vacswim participants, there are also personal benefits for our instructors.

Local boy Henry Landers was a Vacswimmer in 2007 at Horseshoe Bay, Port Elliot and after completing his Surf Rescue Certificate returned as a volunteer instructor in 2008. From there he was employed as an assistant instructor in 2009 and an instructor from 2010-2015, and then at Burnside Swimming Pool in 2017. "I always enjoyed swimming and the beach and it was an easy and enjoyable way to make money and spend time at the beach", Henry says. "I also already knew a few people that worked at the same location. We all lead different lives throughout the rest of the year so it's a 'a holiday catch up at the same time each year' scenario."

Being involved with Vacswim has provided Henry with a skillset that has assisted him in everyday life.  "I really enjoyed the responsibility at a young age, and there are not a lot of industries that would give a young person that trust", Henry says.  "I also learnt how to handle different personalities, be it children or adults, which is a very useful skill in life."

Vacswim instructing has also complimented Henry's employment since leaving high-school, having worked in pools since 2012 throughout the year. When moving interstate to Melbourne last year, Henry was able to gain employment as a swimming instructor due to his experiences working in pools and with Vacswim. This made the transition interstate a lot smoother and took the stress out of looking for a source of income.

Henry has some simple advice for anyone about to begin their journey as a Vacswim instructor.  "Make sure that you're confident and assertive", Henry says.  "You don't have to be loud but if you don't act like you know what you're doing then you will quickly lose the children's respect and they'll stop listening to you. That said, it is a very welcoming environment and there a lot of people around that can help you out, you just have to ask."

Instructing a Vacswim program has so many benefits, whether it be seeing children have fun while learning water skills and developing confidence in their swimming ability, hanging out at the beach with new and old friends or gaining personal skills and employment qualifications. 

To learn how you can get involved as a VACSWIM instructor, click here.