What to Bring to VACSWIM

18 December 2017

So you've enrolled your child into VACSWIM - excellent start!

Before you come to your first lesson, however, make sure you've got your bags packed with a few of the essentials.

For the days spent at one of our indoor pool locations, you won't need much else other than bathers, goggles and a towel. We'll provide the floaties, the kick-boards, and of course, the fun! Our educators will be in the water teaching your child the skills and safety they need, while you can sit back and watch as they laugh and enjoy the experience. 

As for those days on the beach, you'll need some extra protection. As well bathers, make sure there's a rashie packed in the bag, alongside a hat and plenty of sunscreen (we recommend SPF 50+ and ensuring it is water resistant!). Be sure to check your child has slip, slop, slapped their whole body before stepping foot into the ocean. We all know they'll be excited, so this job may be a bit harder than usual! It's also very important to re-apply every two hours that they're in the sun (this goes for you too, parents).

And last, but certainly not least - drinking water and snacks! Swimming is a vigorous exercise and can cause dehydration, especially if it's in the hot sun, so packing a full drink bottle is vital (it's also the healthiest option, as the children are bound to beg for treats after the lesson is over). We recommend throwing in some fruit or healthy snacks so the temptation to buy a chocolate Paddle Pop is marginally decreased.

You'll need to check off your own list, too. Bring that book you've been wanting to read or the latest podcast you want to listen to; we promise your children will be in safe hands. And remember some cash in case you're willing to give in to the canteen requests that day, as well as a hat of your own if we're in the sun.

We look forward to meeting you and your children at your first VACSWIM lesson. Don't forget, a positive attitude and smiling faces are also necessities.

Organise for your child to have their classes with a friend or two, and that way they'll be even more excited to get in the water. See you there!

Be sure to share your photos with us on social media by tagging @vacswimsa and #VACSWIMSA - we'd love to see your happy snaps!