An Instructor’s Journey

21 November 2017

Our Program

Our VACSWIM programs are managed by three different providers - Surf Life Saving SA, the Royal Life Saving Society and the YMCA. Surf Life Saving SA manages and delivers all programs at the beach and open water locations, while the Royal Life Saving Society and the YMCA conduct the majority of pool-based programs.


What it Involves

This is classed as a customer service role so it is important to be on your A-game all the time, making sure you are bubbly, have great communication skills and are always attentive to your class.

As a VACSWIM instructor, you are not providing 'swimming lessons' to kids, but a water safety/awareness/education/skills program. Kids will have plenty of water time, but it is important to make sure that the focus is always on these overarching areas.



Firstly, it is important that all your qualifications are up-to-date. All paperwork must be completed and sent in before starting.

Prior to the program, mandatory orientation sessions will also be conducted to ensure that you understand what is expected, and allow you to go over safety considerations and any other planning measures.

During the program week, it is important to always come prepared. As you will be a role model to your class, always remember to Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek and Slide to re-inforce why the kids and their parents should too. Instructors are also expected to write class rolls, fill out logbooks and certificates, and set up/pack up at the beginning and end of each day.

If you play games during classes - always bring the game back to the skills the kids are learning. Games should always have an underlying skills element to it and you should explain to participants at the end what skills they have learned.

Remember that all students learn at different rates and in different ways. Sometimes children may not want to participate for a number of different reasons. Be sure to rule out illness or injury or cultural considerations before implementing simple changes to activities to encourage participation.



Eligible instructors are encouraged to apply now, as we are actively looking to fill spaces at all of our sites around the state. All staff who worked in the January 2018 program are encouraged to re-apply by contacting the program providers specific to their site. 

All instructors must hold a current AUSTSWIM Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety Certificate. All qualifications must be up-to-date. Please provide copies of all relevant awards and qualifications to the relevant providor if you are applying.

Candidates may enrol as young as 16 years of age, with the licence being issued at 17 years of age. Secondary school students gain 10 Stage 2 SACE points on completion of the qualification. The current training course costs $385 and runs for 2 days.


There are programs at over 130 beach and pool locations around South Australia, so if you are wanting to learn a range of new skills and work in a rewarding job, apply to become a VACSWIM instructor now.