6 Ways to Prepare your Swimming Pool for the Best Family Summer Ever

23 October 2017

Summer is fast approaching and that means anyone with a swimming pool is soon set to become the most popular kid in class. 

But before you let your children and their friends jump into the water this summer, make sure your family and pool area are properly prepared so that everyone can have fun and be safe.

Here are six simple tips that will make summer days by the pool a memorable experience for all the right reasons.

Make your pool area a safe environment

A safe day by the pool is a fun day. Every home is slightly different and making a set of rules for pool use in your house is an easy way to ensure your children and their friends avoid any nasty accidents. Make sure to explain these rules carefully to your children and quiz them on the rules before they go for a dip as a reminder.

Check that your pool gate, pool fencing and decking or tiling are in good condition. Accidents do happen so you want to make sure your surroundings are as safe as possible to minimise the chance of injuries.

It's easy to forget to stay hydrated when you're having fun in the pool. Set up an easily accessible water source outside with plastic cups to avoid glass near the pool. This gives your children a visible reminder that they need to stay hydrated. Also, set it up in the shade to also give people a break from the sun.

Remember to always have an adult near the pool when children are swimming to keep an eye on things, remind children when they need a break and reinforce your house's pool rules.


Be sun smart

Invest in some SPF 50+ sunscreen and a collection of hats to avoid a lot of peeling sunburn and cold showers. Make sure they give the sunscreen enough time to sink in before jumping in the water, otherwise it may wash off.

To avoid getting roasted, set up a shaded area near the pool where people can have a break from the sun.

Having set time limits on pool usage for the kids might not be the most popular decision but can also help to avoid possible days of pain. 

Keep your pool clean

If you have neglected your pool in the winter months (which we totally all do), buy a chemical testing kit so you know what you need to get your pool crystal clear again. Once you get your hands on the right chemicals, make sure to follow the instructions very carefully and store them out of reach of tiny fingers.

You never know what might be underneath the pile of leaves at the bottom of your pool, so make sure you also put in the effort to use a pool vacuum.


Stock up on new pool equipment

Ever tried to clean a pool with outdated or broken equipment? We don't recommend it. If your vacuum and scoop are no longer in working condition, save yourself hours of hassle and invest in new ones.

Don't stop there! Your inflatable flamingo might be looking a bit sad after months in the shed, and pool noodles can begin to break down over time so stock up on some safe, new pool toys so that everyone can have a fun time in the pool.

Learn CPR & First Aid

In the event of an emergency, knowing what to do can literally be a matter of life and death. That's why we recommend touching up your CPR and First Aid knowledge to ensure you can help when needed. YMCA, Surf Life Saving SA and Royal Life Saving all hold intensive courses in these areas.

VACSWIM_Enrol Today

Sign your kids up for VACSWIM

The best way to ensure your kids are confident, competent and water safe in the pool this summer is by enrolling them in one of our VACSWIM programs.

Let your children gain the knowledge and the skills to allow your children to look after themselves and their swimming buddies in the water while you supervise and take part in the fun times, too.

Click here to find out more about where and how you can enrol your children in a VACSWIM program near you.


Finally, remember that in a life-threatening or urgent situation phone the emergency services on 000.