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VACSWIM is a South Australian Government supported initiative to provide primary school aged children (aged 5 to 13 years old at the time of the program) with opportunities to develop a range of skills and positive experiences in the areas of water safety, confidence and competence in the water, personal survival activities and basic aquatic emergency procedures.  

The program is conducted by qualified instructors in controlled environments located at school pools, public and private pools, beaches and lakes throughout South Australia.

Enjoy a lifetime of safe recreation on, in and around the water by enrolling your children in VACSWIM 2020/21.

Aims & Outcomes

VACSWIM aims to provide activities that develop:

  • Water safety knowledge in, on and around the water
  • Confidence and competence in aquatic environments
  • Personal survival skills
  • Emergency procedures, safe self-rescue and the rescue of others
  • Basic swimming strokes

VACSWIM provides the following outcomes:

  • Opportunities for participants to enjoy the recreational aspect of involvement in water related activities.
  • Opportunity to experience and develop skills in a variety of water safety, swimming and aquatic based activities.
  • Instruction to develop skills in accepted swimming strokes.
  • Instruction and training to enable skills to be developed to ensure for personal safety and the safety of others in aquatic environments.
  • Encourage participants with special needs to use water as a form of recreation and therapy.

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Established in the 1950's, VACSWIM has become a household name in South Australia. Each year, the program engages thousands of primary school aged children in locations across the state. VACSWIM's vision is a reduction in the incidences of drowning amongst the younger generations.